Have a depressed New Year! - Start of year suicide idea

So a new year is coming and you're still alive...
Well it's no biggie. We all are...
Maybe some more suicidal tryouts will get us to a better place this year.

Or even better, why not start the new year with one!?

There's many substances widely available and lots of dangerous items readily available on new year's eve.
You can accept the best sounding, most depressing, most disgusting and lustful party you get invited to or you hear about. You must be sure you have lots of people offering pills, alcohol, all sorts of drugs and also you must have high places, sharp knives, bondage accessories and someone to hang out while doing the last party move of your fucked up life.

Get to the party all jolly and faking smiles and good spirits.
Find the best vodka and beer you can find and mix up a good 50/50 half a liter bottle with that. Drink it really fast.
Next you want to get yourself really warm and sweaty. You need to get the alcohol running well through you and have thinner blood.

Once you feel it kicking find yourself a partner to mingle with and be sure it's not 12 AM yet. That's when you'll do the finishing move.

While dancing on some stupid music find the druggy at the party and ask him what he has. You want some LSD, Weed and some Speed. If you don't find these you can just get anything you can get.

Go to the bathroom and swallow and smoke and drink everything you got.

All stoned and drunk you're ready for the finishing move.

It should be almost 12 am now and you'll need two very sharp knives.

You should find those in the kitchen.

Now start doing your best dance on the tallest table you find.

Be the spirit of the party!

Once everyone gets crazy slit both of your wrists and while holding the knives towards your chest (be careful to hit the heart) let yourself fall face-first while yelling "Happy New year without me!"

That will get everyone's attention and you will ruin all of their good time and you will also fuck up their lives forever!

This is a must do for each of you!

Also I want to thank all of the readers! I appreciate all of you!

Recommended Book: Myths about Suicide by Thomas Joiner - Review

I just finished reading this book and my first impression is an overall great one as the author does not go over the subject in a "Oh my god don't suicide! It's bad!" but rather he goes over the mentality of suicide, the psychology of the suicidal, bringing forward some serious arguments to the opinions presented.

If you want to know something worth to talk about with elite psychologists and something quite informative and deep, putting accent on the thought process surrounding suicide and also begging the user to go on a thought storm, I strongly recommend you read this book.

You can buy it from Amazon at a good price.

Thanks for reading!

The drug induced NO PAIN method to suicide dramatically

Everyone wants to have a peaceful death... that's the actual goal to suicide... so why not die while feeling good, euphoric, happy or mesmerized?
The best stuff that can give this are easily found if you look around for a bit.

First you'll need painkillers; opiate painkillers not just anti-inflamatory bullcrap. Throw in some codeine or morphine.. The maximum limit as not to die from respiratory failure.

Next you will need about 3 doses of LSD, 2 DMT crystals and a bowl of 30x Salvia Divinorum (a pipe/bong bowl I mean..).

This method will get you killed by the end of a beautiful, weird and open mind, having your soul prepared for astral projection.

First you'll need to take the opiate painkillers.. In about half an hour to an hour you'll start feeling the euphoria and the general good-feeling which you usually get from opiates. Going towards the 4th hour you'll feel it hitting even harder as you may get paranoid and you'll find it hard to breathe. That's when you should smoke the two DMT crystals in a rolled cigar.
Be careful to smoke them both and to keep the smoke inside as much as you can as you'll get in a spiritual trance and you won't be able to move while in the trance. You'll be in the trance for about half an hour (maximum).

This first psychedelic experience will be the introductory part to the next phase.

After about a quarter of an hour after the DMT experience hold the LSD cartons on your tongue until it hits you just a bit.. then swallow them.

It'll be clear to you when you start hallucinating that it's time for the third act.

Go to the tallest building you can think of where you can fly off of and while on LSD look at the sky, think of the freedom of flying, feel the painless feel that you get from the opiates and the numbness of the LSD.. once you're at peace with the idea take repetitive hits off the salvia until you finish the bowl.

Once you get in the world of the salvia divinorum, don't forget where the end of the building is in the real world and start running towards it.

You will be flying towards freedom in no time, feeling the greatest feeling you can ever feel.

You'll be dead without even noticing and your soul will fly towards the beauty of your most peaceful dreams.....

Top 20 Suicide Methods: Fastest and Painless Suicide Method

Top 20 Suicide Methods: Fastest and Painless Suicide Method

Philosophy of Suicide: Confucianism

Confucianism holds that failure to follow certain values is worse than death; hence, suicide can be morally permissible, and even praiseworthy, if it is done for the sake of those values. The Confucian emphasis on loyalty, self-sacrifice, and honour has tended to encourage altruistic suicide. Confucius wrote, "For gentlemen of purpose and men of ren while it is inconceivable that they should seek to stay alive at the expense of ren, it may happen that they have to accept death in order to have ren accomplished." Mencius wrote:

"Fish is what I want; bear's palm is also what I want. If I cannot have both, I would rather take bear's palm than fish. Life is what I want; yi is also what I want. If I cannot have both, I would rather take yi than life. On the one hand, though life is what I want, there is something I want more than life. That is why I do not cling to life at all cost. On the other hand, though death is what I loathe, there is something I loathe more than death. That is why there are dangers I do not avoid . . . . Yet there are ways of remaining alive and ways of avoiding death to which a person will not resort. In other words, there are things a person wants more than life and there are also things he or she loathes more than death."

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